Art Direction, UI, UX, Digital, Print, Branding, Communications, Strategy


"Passionate about anything design, tangible, abstract, visual or audible, and driven by a creative mind fed with a strong desire for achieving originality and effectiveness."


A brilliant, intuitive and comprehensive design, combined with simplified processes can't create less than an optimal experience. But further than the user experience, there's also the customer experience. Because having a digital strategy is nice, but it's much cooler when it makes ONE with the nature of the brand, its identity, and the global business strategy.


I work in design, marketing, and technology environments since many years. In addition to my studies in computer sciences, software development and marketing management, I participated into multiple creative and infography workshops and courses. Therefore, I am creative, knowledgeable, experienced, and I master the most respected design tools in the industry.


Explore my corporate portfolio and discover professional creative samples I designed. Please note that photography and furniture designs were essentially made for personal projects and interest.



Patrick Vachon 514.344.2799